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About STT



Shanghai Foshion Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd, manufactures and distributes dental equipment including dental units, compressors, autoclaves, scalers, curing lights, and a full line of accessories, dental materials, medical imaging devices, OR devices and other basic hospital equipment.  FOSHION ® is a registered trademark in China.

Foshion believes that advanced technology, good quality control and efficient distribution systems are the keys to success in the medical apparatus and instruments fields. The products are well received by not only domestic customers, but also those in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Australia and the Middle East.  Foshion devices are sold in dozens of countries and boast the leading sales volume domestically. The company has passed the ISO9001, ISO13485 certification, 510K, CE, ETL, as well as other FDA certifications for the US market.

In recent years, the company has established cooperative relationships with well-known enterprises in the US, Germany, Switzerland and France, providing the company with greater ability to bring advanced medical technology concepts together with famous brands and products to strengthen its market competitiveness. To continually expand and strengthen itself in in the medical and dental instrument and equipment fields, Foshion has in place a long-term development strategy to be “future-oriented, advancing with the times,” to ensure “first-class, internationally known” brand recognition in the domestic market and around the world.  Foshion’s focus in this plan is on technology as its core compentency, integrated with capital to achieve economies of scale, and the continual development of talent to maintain its advantages in the industry and to always be prepared for the next round of market competition.


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