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Career planning

Through employee career planning, Chindex Medical Limited merges employee’s self-development targets with the company’s development strategy to foster better employee advancement and development. The HR department communicates regularly with department supervisors on a regular basis about employees’ performance evaluations and, based on the business departments needs, HR works together with departments to design specific training programs and to plan job rotations and promotions. The HR department hopes to help employees uncover and develop their maximum potential, providing employees with a better understanding of their career development goals.


The HR department provides basic training, including orientation, Business English courses, MS office training, IT knowledge training, etc.  Additionally, HR designs and executes supplementary and specialized professional training courses for CML staff, including sales skills training, project management skills training, negotiation skills training, customer relationship training, and positive attitude or “Sunshine State of Mind” training courses. We strive to help employees explore their potentials and motivate employees’ working enthusiasm, to better promote a win-win situation for employees and the company.

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